Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fabulous Hair Wraps!

Awhile back I purchased some really beautiful hair wraps. I loved them so much I decided to make some myself. The first time I wore one I had three people ask me where I bought it!
So...I started making them for others. 

Here are a few shots of the first hair wraps I made; they are like the "Icing" on the cake; only they are for your hair :)
Brown Polka Dot
  Hot Blue (as my nieces would say) Floral
 Pink surprise 

 Purple Plum
 Summer DragonFly
Picnic Time

And now, I am making Rosette Hair Wraps that are reversible!
 Pink Lemonade
 Key Lime
 Seaside Breeze
Blue Bubbles

Each of the Rosettes is backed with velcro and can be attached on both sides of the hair wrap. More to come soon...

Rosette Flip Flop "Toppings"

So here are the Flip Flops I am selling with "Rosette Toppings"
They are velcro backed and can be switched out with other rosettes!
(Sorry for the poor photography) On the left there is an example of a single rosette you can easily trade out for. It's a sweet Mary Engelbright fabric with tiny red cherries.
Black with blue Rosettes
Brown with a Rosette Trio of red, gold and brown.
Then a single off white rosette (bad lighting again)
Brown with single brown polka dot rosette
So....What do you think?


Another blog? I know, I know. I have a hard time keeping up with my other blog. But, since I am often asked if I have pictures of my cupcakes or projects on my family blog,The Peters Porch,, I decided to create a new blog dedicated to showcasing anything related to baking or sewing.

Coming Soon...
Rosette Flip Flop "Toppings"